"GOLDA" Hiba Wood Pure Essential Oil

GOLDA Hiba Wood 100% Pure Essential Oil is sourced from 300 year old Aomori Hiba trees from Aomori, Japan. The oil has a citrusy, cider-like fragrance that is purifying, uplifting, and stimulating. Studies have shown the Hinokitiol, found only in Aomori Hiba Oil, to have anitmicrobial, germicidal, insect repellent, and deodorizing properties. These properties make Aomori Hiba Trees unique to other Hiba trees grown in other parts of the world.

Common Uses: Hiba Wood oil has a wide spectrum action against many different families of bacteria and is especially effective to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It has insect repellent properties and is effective against termites, cockroaches, fleas, mites and spiders. Hiba mist is effective for odor elimination, eczema treatment and relaxation of the mind and body, especially helps depression.

Aromatic Scent:  A strong woody scent reminiscent of Cedarwood.

History: Hiba wood has long been used in Japan for building houses and pagodas.

Cautions: Hiba Wood essential oil is non-toxic, non-irritating but should be diluted before using. Avoid use during pregnancy.

$ 120.00

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