Ice Cream Heaven

by Customer Service | July 23, 2015

Hi everyone,
July is Ice Cream Month!!
So I want to introduce you to one of my favorite ice cream vendor, Sweet Lucie's Ice cream and treats!
We all love some good ice creams but this one is beyond good, it's AMAZING! :)
You can find their yummy goodies at select stores in Southern California...

Sweet Lucie’s all started when owner, Geri Czako, had a craving for something sweet.

In 2008, Geri was expecting her first child and wanted ice cream. To satiate her ice cream craving, but also to ensure that the ingredients were delicious, superior, and organic, Geri decided to make her own.

After years of experimentation, along with attending the world-famous Penn State

Ice Cream course, Geri developed the ideal combination of organic ingredients and sweet perfection. Oh, and, Geri had her baby girl.

Her name is Lucie.

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